EMS 2017 Conference has been cancelled

The following email has just been sent to all conference participants

EMS 2017 Participants:

Based on the risks posed to the conference with Hurricane Irma, the leadership of the EDBAC and the conference co-Chairs have decided to cancel this year’s conference.

This was a very difficult decision. Although the best evidence suggested that the hurricane–the largest ever to appear in the Atlantic ocean–would not arrive during the time of the conference, it was clear that it had a high likelihood of interfering with participant return trips. In a worst case scenario, this could mean individuals from out-of-town might be forced to remain in the Tampa Bay area during a life-threatening storm. We considered this risk to be unacceptable. Our governor has already declared a state of emergency for all 67 counties in the State of Florida.

We are currently in the process of determining how to provide a full refund of all conference fees. Please be patient, as the individuals responsible for doing so are themselves attempting to prepare for Irma’s potential arrival.   If you have hotel or airline reservations, we would encourage you to cancel them immediately.

We will use the EMS 2017 website (http://ems2017tampa.org) for subsequent announcements. For those of you with accepted papers, these have already been published in the proceedings.


Emma Parry, President, EDBAC

Grandon Gill & Matt Mullarkey, Conference Co-Chairs