Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium provides executive doctoral students working on their dissertation research an opportunity to share and develop their research ideas, explore issues related to research in future careers, and build relationships with other executive doctorate students from around the world. To be eligible to participate in the consortium as a presenter, you must:

  • Be enrolled in an executive doctoral program
  • Be at the proposal or pre-proposal stage
  • Be nominated by a faculty member in the program as one of no more than 5 participants in each program
  • Be scheduled to complete your program AFTER 1 January 2018

The Doctoral Consortium will consist of presentations and reviews of ongoing research work by the participating students in small groups with other students and faculty, key note presentations by participating faculty, and panels.

The Doctoral Consortium will be held the day before the Engaged Management Scholarship Conference on Thursday, September 7 2017 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Doctoral Consortium Fellow Eligibility

Participation in the Doctoral Consortium is by application only. Each student selected for the Consortium is expected to attend all Consortium meetings and activities on Thursday, September 7th as well as the Engaged Management Scholarship Conference the following three days, 8-10 September. Candidates who are not able to make this commitment to the Consortium and the Conference should not apply.

Executive doctorate students currently working on research that is leading to their dissertation work are eligible for submission of application. Students who will have completed their dissertations by December 2017 will not be accepted. Prospective candidates should also note that the Doctoral Consortium is designed as an intensive personal development experience and, therefore, participants should not bring guests to the Doctoral Consortium. We may, however, allow for some student observers (in the pre-proposal stage) to attend each session.

Students who are selected to participate in the Consortium will be given later instructions on how to prepare their research papers for presentation during the Consortium.

Doctoral Consortium Fellow Selection process

Selection to the Engaged Management Scholarship Doctoral Consortium will be based on:

  • The quality of their proposed research and its potential significance and contribution to the management disciplines.
  • The potential contribution the student is expected to make to the Consortium.
  • The potential benefit of the Consortium to the student’s research and professional development.
  • This assessment will be based on a review of the dissertation proposal paper prepared by the doctoral student. The final Consortium selection will include a balance of students representing diverse research topics, methods, schools, and cultures.
  • The language of the Consortium is English, and all submitted materials must be in English. Students must have sufficient proficiency in English to participate in the presentations, discussions, and other activities.


The cost of attending the Doctoral Consortium is an additional $75 to cover the cost of beverage breaks and lunch on the day of the Consortium.

All accepted students to the Doctoral Consortium will be required to pay the full registration fee of $600 (or $550 with Early Bird discount for all bookings taken before August 1 2017) to the International Conference on Engaged Scholarship to help defray part of the cost of their attendance at the Consortium.

Documents needed for nomination submission

  1. Nominee information sheet

Students complete the information on the nomination form and submit it along with the other two documents (nomination letter and short preliminary version of the research paper) mentioned below. The information form is at the following link:

  1. Nomination letter
  • Students must be nominated by their executive doctoral program.
  • The nomination should be in the form of a nomination letter from the nominating faculty member and should certify: 1° that the candidate is one out of at most five nominees from the university; 2° that the candidate meets the eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  • Ideally, the nominating faculty member should be the Director of the Executive Doctoral Program. If these individuals are not available, the student may be nominated by the candidate’s dissertation advisor.
  • Students, not the nominating faculty member, will submit the completed nomination letter during the online submission process.
  1. Candidate’s research paper
  • The paper outlining the candidate’s research should be in the form of a short report summarizing the student’s current research.
  • This paper should include: 1° Research question; 2° Justification for why and to whom the research is important; 3° Brief literature review; 4° Presentation of the theoretical basis for the work; 5° Research model and hypotheses (if applicable); 6° Description of the research design and discussion of the relevance and practical importance of the study for evidence based management and engaged scholarship.
  • This part of the paper should not exceed 10 single-spaced pages, (using one-inch margins and Times New Roman 12-point font), inclusive of references, tables, figures and appendixes.       

Submission process

All submissions must be received no later than 15 June. In case of problems or for further clarification about the submission process, please contact the email address noted above. Incomplete or late submission packages will not be reviewed.

Participants will be asked to upload an updated version of their proposal shortly before the conference, by 1 September 2017. Instructions on the procedure will be provided to participants accepted by the consortium.

Important dates

Doctoral Consortium Submission Deadline: June 15, 2017

Acceptance and rejection notifications: July 15, 2017

Doctoral Consortium: September 7, 2017