Fast Track to Muma Journals

Individuals interested in having their articles fast tracked to either of the two journals published by the Muma College of Business may signify their interest by using one of the templates provided by the respective journal websites:

Articles submitted for fast tracking will undergo the same peer review process as regular research submissions to the conference. If the reviews warrant, however, the editor-in-chief of the relevant journal may choose to accept the article for publication. (N.B., normally, this acceptance will be subject to specific revisions being made in the final copy).

The advantages of fast tracking are:

  • It is likely to be the fastest route to journal publication. It is the intention of the two Muma journals to publish quality fast tracked articles by the end of 2017.
  • It will not require multiple rounds of review. If a submission is not deemed as being close to publishable, it will not be fast tracked. Fast tracked authors can expect to receive very clear guidelines for what needs to be changed in the initial submission.
  • The participating journals are designed to be a good fit with DBA research. Both the Muma Business Review and the Muma Case Review were launched to be outlets publishing work accessible to practitioners.

There are also disadvantages that you should consider before choosing this option:

  • As new journals, the two outlets have no academic reputation to speak of. Publishing in them is unlikely to provide a strong launching point for a DBA seeking to transition to academia.
  • Both journals have very specific formatting instructions. The MBR has a dozen different formats, each of which has its own template. The MCR has two: a discussion case and a technical note. For either journal, your submission will need to be made using one of these templates; you will find it much easier if you consider what template is the best fit for your work before you start to write it. One the positive side, however, each template is quite specific and videos are available for each template type on the respective journal websites.

When you are ready to submit, go to