Regular Submissions

The deadline for regular submissions is 31 May 2017.

For regular paper submissions, we are seeking complete research projects. For our purposes, completed research projects are ones in which the primary research question(s) have been addressed/answered. This does not necessarily mean that there is a completed manuscript ready for publication in some fashion; perhaps this is the first draft in which the answers are presented. These submissions can take many forms: quantitative studies, qualitative studies, new theoretical positions and so forth. Papers need to provide unique insight into an important area of business research with a practical, evidence-based approach that is consistent with the mission of aims and scopes.

As the EMS conference has close links with the Engaged Management Review (http://www/, research papers for EMS 2017 can be:

  • Empirical papers: significant empirical findings of practical and theoretical importance with a demonstrated influence on management practice.
  • Essay papers: theoretical, philosophical and methodological contributions to engaged management scholarship.
  • Translation papers: outcomes that engaged management scholars have had while translating their scholarship into practice.


When you are ready to submit, go to

If you have a completed research project, a fully formed idea or a case study, you may also want to consider an EMS 2017 fast track submission to the Muma Business Review or Muma Case Review. More information can be found at