Welcome to EMS 2017 Tampa Website

This is the official website for EMS 2017, to be held 7-10 September 2017 at the University of South Florida.

For the time being, most of the information pages on this siteĀ are placeholders. If you need further information right away, contact Grandon Gill (grandon@usf.edu), who will do his best to help you.

In the meantime, keep visiting this site and, as spring 2017 rolls around, connect to its various social media feeds.We look forward to having you join us in Tampa!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to EMS 2017 Tampa Website

  1. Kindly provide some more information on the 2017 doctoral conference
    I am a doctoral student at NIBS ( SWISS BUSINESS SCHOOL )

  2. I am a bit confused on the registration .
    Do i register as an alumni ( which i am not ) .
    I am not presenting any paper and i have a letter from NIBS requesting i attend this conference . In Summary … do i register for the Doctoral Consortium or the Engaged Management scholarship ?
    Kindly revert .

  3. You should register for the conference (EMS). If you are attending the doctoral consortium (you would need to be nominated by your program) then you could sign up for that as well. If you are not an alumnus, then you could still sign up for the alumni consortium, but normally those activities are specifically designed for program alumni.

  4. I am interested in applying for a DBA program. Would you recommend this conference ? If so, which part that one should not miss. I am an executive of an investment firm in South East Asia.

    1. This would be a good conference to attend for individuals considering a DBA program, since many of top programs in the world will be represented by both faculty and students.

  5. Hello! Do you have more information about the conference program. I’m trying to finalize my travel plans and I wanted to review the schedule and session listings before I do so. Thank you!

  6. The tentative schedule has 4 tracks. Are any of those tracks restricted to alumni, current DBA students or anyone could be able to join. Thank you

  7. Dear Grandon
    Could you please confirm my registration status ?
    I have not received any email in this regard since my registration in May , so i do hope this is fine ?

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